Learn More about Prevail

There are three short modules that, once completed, will provide a Veterinary Infection Preventionist Certificate along with a Prevail Swag Bag sent to your facility:

  1. 7 Steps to good infection prevention;
  2. Efficiency claims, pathogen susceptibility, and h ow to choose the ideal disinfectant; and
  3. How to use Prevail Products

Build Your own Protocol

Virox has a tool to help to identify areas/rooms in your facility that will require cleaning & disinfection, which areas are low or high risk for disease transmission, the surfaces in each area that require cleaning and disinfection including the frequency and which product to use, and a personnel plan to indicate which team member would be responsible for each step in the infection prevention process. Click here begin creating your own protocol.

Check out Virox's Mixing Station Equipment

To understand more about the Virox mixing station to dilute the concentrate and the steps to set it up click here.