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Bovie 2350-V, Suri-Center P...

Bovie 2350-V, Suri-Center Pro Electrosurgical Generator

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  • This unit is intended for cutting, coagulation, ablation of a variety of tissues. The Bovie 2350-V is suitable for general procedures, tumor removals, and gingivectomy procedures performed in an operating suite and procedure room.
  • The Bovie 2350-V offers more electrosurgery modalities than lower watt models including four (4) blend settings, allowing Veterinarians to deliver safe and precise energy applications during more complex surgical procedures.
  • Dual monopolar ports can be activated simultaneously in fulguration to control bleeding or treat superficial tissue. The dual ports can also be utilized separately in different modes.
  • This generator has a dedicated bipolar connector port allowing the veterinarian to stay in their sterile field and quickly switch back and forth from two monopolar pencils to forceps.
  • The Cut II specialized laparoscopic mode is engineer with a lower voltage than competitive units reducing the risk of alternate site burns and increasing patient safety during minimally invasive procedures.
  • Ten (10) presets for quick and easy setup.