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Classic Grooming Tub, Left ...

Classic Grooming Tub, Left Hand Drain

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Dimensions: 60"H x 55.25"W x 24"D

Featuring sturdy tube frame construction, this tub is built to last. A one-piece backsplash and adjustable feet make it sturdy whether it is free-standing in a room or placed against a wall.

  • Dimensions: 60"H x 55"W x 24"D
  • Constructed with radiused corners along all the corners of the shower (the ONLY on the market to do so!)
  • 45 angles on the front edges add safety and aesthetic appeal
  • PVC Coated Tub Floors have the option of a floor panel set upon the rails to raise the grooming platform to an ergonomic grooming level
  • Sliding restraint ring design allows dogs to be turned around in the tub without detaching the safety lead
  • Supply Caddy can be completely removed and 2 plugs are provided to close the mounting holes
  • Includes: Supply Caddy, 2 PVC Coated Tub Floor Panels, Hair Trap Drain Insert and Restraint Ring
  • Plumbing fixtures not included