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Capacity: 14.6 cubic ft

Product Overview

  • Designed to provide heated storage for patient blankets, solutions, and fluids
  • The OR-7000 Series Warming Cabinets have been engineered to provide evenly distributed warm air rapidly throughout the entire cabinet
  • A full load of product at room temperature will reach the factory pre-set temperature at 45C / 113F in a pre-warmed cabinet within seven hours

Cabinet Design

  • All cabinet bodies and interior components are fully welded stainless steel with a #4 polished finish
  • Cabinet bodies are fully insulated with high-temperature non-combustible insulation with an R-6 rating
  • Electrical chases are ventilated by a fan system to ensure proper temperature of internal components
  • Cabinets are free-standing and come complete with adjustable leveling feet
  • Cabinet doors are fully insulated stainless steel with a reversible hinge / handle feature (for left or right opening configurations)
  • The door and cabinet frame are sealed using a high-temperature rubber gasket to provide a guaranteed air tight seal and prevent the possibility of heat loss
  • Interior shelves are perforated stainless steel providing maximum load capacity and even heat distribution
  • Shelves are fully height adjustable and can be extended by 50% of the cabinet interior depth
  • All shelves are designed with fully welded retainers and stops to prevent tipping when in the extended position

Temperature Control

  • Temperature setting is controlled by a microprocessor based thermostat complete with an easily readable digital gauge to monitor cabinet interior temperature
  • Temperature setting and display are accurate to within plus/minus 1.5C / 2.7F
  • All cabinets are equipped with a high-temperature overload protector which will disconnect all power to the cabinet should an electrical malfunction occur
  • A high-temperature warning light is also provided should the cabinet temperature exceed 6C / 10.0F of the pre-selected setting