Meiko TopLine—Healthcare Cleaning and Disinfection Appliances

Meiko Bedpan Washers / Flushers/ Disinfectors

Meiko's TopLine healthcare cleaning and disinfection appliances represent a quantum leap in design, using cutting-edge technology that promotes cleanliness, efficiency, and environmental friendliness. These machines meet the most stringent quality, hygiene and safety requirements, supported by independent assessments by hygiene experts and by certification with DIN EN ISO 15883.

Meiko's TopLine offers:

  • Integrated disinfection management
  • Telescopic rotary wash nozzle with nine auxiliary nozzles
  • Deep-drawn stainless steel wash chamber
  • Steam-tight door with interlock
  • Air gap potable water protection
  • MIKE 2 microprocessor control
  • Illuminated display
  • Infrared interface for Palm® PDA
  • Three programmable wash/disinfection cycles
  • External temperature port for temperature verification
  • Air stream cooling and drying system
  • Optional automatic door opener

Models are available in a variety of configurations to meet any requirements:

  • Wall or flush-mounted models
  • Free standing floor mounted models
  • Integrated soiled utility room units
  • Hand sinks, counters and shelving

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