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K9-W8 Scale, Wall Mount

K9-W8 Scale, Wall Mount

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The K9-W8 Scale has been designed with load cell technology and a combination of materials that allow for a low-profile scale that can withstand years of wear and tear. This scale is reception area tough and is sure to make an impression on those who visit your facility.

This is our standard scale display option you may be used to. It features a Display with Operation Keys that operate the scale. This display is mounted with the scale platform either on the wall or on a post.


Usage: Display with Operation Keys
  • Operates the Scale via Operation Keys located at the scale
  • Display with Operation Keys feature a large, easy to see backlit LCD screen with 1" high numbers
  • Tare, Recall, lbs/kg, Light and Free/Lock features
  • Operates on AC adapter
Mount Type: Wall
  • The Display with Operation Keys is designed to be mounted on a wall with the data line hidden within the wall.
  • 10 data line extensions available.
Platform: K9-W8 Scale
  • All Stainless Steel Platform.
  • Low profile stainless steel platform is 22"W x 44"L x 2"H.
  • Fluid retaining lip prevents runoff.
  • Four ultra low profile load cells at each corner provide accurate, reliable and repeatable weights in pounds and kilograms.
  • A liquid resistant shroud that spans the length of the scale, providing ample protection from routine cleaning, protects the load cells.
  • Load cells are rated IP65 against water ingress.
  • Self-leveling load mounts for increased precision and a 300% overload rating.
  • 300lb/136kg capacity.
  • Gray, ribbed, non-skid mat provides solid patient footing.