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5ft cage assembly, stainless steel. Option "C" with mobile platform.

  • All trim plates and trim strips are solid stainless steel with rounded corners - no sharp edges or points.
  • The latches are designed to be durable, secure and quiet. Acetal bushings provide smooth operation and sound dampening qualities. Concave latch bar allows cage door to be opened with your forearm when handling a sedated or fractious pet with both hands.
  • New sound and vibration absorbing technology.
  • The one piece frame and wrap-around hinge/latch bars are formed from 3/8" diameter solid stainless steel rods. All additional horizontal rods are 1/4" in diameter and all vertical rods are 3/16" in diameter. Every intersection of horizontal and vertical rods is welded, providing incredible strength. Electro polishing is the final process resulting in a smooth and bright finish that looks great and is easy to clean. Loops on the door prevent paper, pads or towels from sliding out the front of the cage.
  • No 90° corners to trap germs and debris. A smooth rounded cove transitions the back and all internal sides of the cage. A slightly raised, fluid retaining lip prevents drainage out the front of the cage.
  • All frame members are heavy duty stainless steel channel to provide you many years of solid structural support for your cage assemblies. All edges and corners on our frames have been radiused and de-burred.
  • The hinge is constructed of 14 gauge austenitic stainless steel that is encapsulated by an injection molded, fiberglass reinforced 6/6 thermoplastic polymer. The snap-together bushing on the door frame is also molded from 6/6 thermoplastic polymer with permanent, self-lubricating properties resulting in a silky smooth and silent swing - truly "cutting edge" technology. New hinge design allows for the quick and easy removal of doors for cleaning and reattachment without tools. The doors, latches and hinges are completely transposable, which allows you to change your cage from a right hand latch to a left hand latch, or vice versa, at any time.