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Kat Kave

Kat Kave

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The two-level Kat Kave lets felines choose between lounging on the top resting area or hunkering down in the "cave" section that opens on three sides. You will like how easy it is to disinfect and move to different cages. Cats like how warm and secure it makes them feel.


  • Sits against the back side of the cage to allow felines to move through the three openings.
  • Concave top resting shelf allows the feline to sink about an inch down to feel secure while enjoying the enrichment of a vertical space 14" off the cage floor.
  • Feline experts agree that hiding places can provide an important coping mechanism to lower stress for cats. The lower level provides 18" wide area to curl against, warming with the feline’s body heat.
  • Front opening is 13¼"W x 9"H and the side openings are 8"W x 11½"H.
  • The Kat Kave tapers from base to top, making them easy to stack.
  • Made of durable, easy-to-clean polyethylene in black to match the cage hinges.
  • Kat Kaves are lightweight (less than 3 lbs.), durable and easy to move.
  • They are designed to support easily even the largest.
  • SPECS: Overall 20½"W x 14"H x 14¾"D. Both sides taper to a top concave resting bench of 10¾"W x 12"D.