HEINE® iC 1 Dermatoscope

21st Century Digital Dermatoscopy

The HEINE® iC 1 is a new image capturing digital Dermatoscope. The iC 1 records clinical and dermatoscopic images for documenting, monitoring and supporting differential diagnosis of melanoma and other skin lesions. Innovative HEINE LEDHQ illumination combined with precision optics provide high resolution and reflection-free images. The iC1 is compatible with iPhone® 6 / 6s / 7 / SE or iPod® touch 6th generation.

Outperforming other dermatoscopes with 40x magnification and up to 12-megapixel image quality, the iC 1 also includes polarized and non-polarized illumination with a toggle function to detect the “Blink Sign”. 4 high-performance-LEDs provide homogeneous, bright illumination. A color temperature of typ. 5,000 K, produces uncompromised quality; red is red, blue is blue.

When selecting the highest-grade LED lighting, intelligent LED Thermal Management is a must, to protect the light for consistent quality and performance over its typ. 100,000-hour lifetime. HEINE also provides a user-friendly application for the device of your choosing, downloaded from the App Store for free.