Gojo Skin Health and Hygiene Solutions

Unprecedented germ kill in skin-friendly formulations1

There's a perception that all instant hand sanitizers are created equal. It's just not true. PURELL Advanced Hand Rub outperforms other leading hand sanitizers1 delivering the most powerful, advanced antimicrobial kill while maintaining skin moisture2,3 Milliliter for milliliter, nothing is more effective at killing germs or protecting skin than PURELL Advanced Hand Rub.

Developed with just 70% ethyl alcohol, the patent-pending formulations of PURELL Advanced Hand Rub provide unprecedented germ kill while soothing hands2,3 and maintaining skin health.

Unmatched effectiveness with each use

With PURELL Advanced Hand Rub and GOJO® Dispensing systems, you can be assured that you are getting the most efficacious product with each hand hygiene event. When tested at real world, in-use volumes, PURELL Advanced Hand Rub achieved a >3-log reduction on hands at applications 1 and 10 using the ASTM E1174/HCPHW test method with an application of 1.3 mL and with repeated use at application 10 with 1.1mL.4,5 In addition, PURELL Advanced Hand Rub keeps the hands wet at least 15 seconds at dispensed amounts as recommended by hand hygiene guidelines.4,6

Skin-friendly formulations


PURELL Advanced Hand Rub is currently available in multiple foam options and gel in the GOJO® LTX™ touch free and ADX™ manual push dispenser systems along with a variety of bottle and point of care dispensing options to meet user preferences and provide hand hygiene where and when it is needed.


GOJO SMARTLINK™ Hand Hygiene Solutions combines innovative electronic compliance monitoring technology with advanced dispensers, superior products and clinical based support to help you improve and sustain your hand hygiene compliance rate and ultimately help reduce the spread of infections.


To help manage and drive hand hygiene compliance among healthcare workers (HCWs), GOJO developed THE FIVE RIGHTS OF HAND HYGIENE™. These tools help increase awareness and address common knowledge barriers amongst for staff on how, when and why to perform hand hygiene and help keep their skin healthy. The program includes additional videos and posters available at GOJOCanada.ca/education

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