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Products - Surgery - Binocular Loupes and Headlights

14" Working Distance, 1.75x Power
HEINE HR 2.5x High-Res Binocular Loupes
HEINE HRP 3.5x High-Res Binocular Loupes
HEINE LED MicroLight® on Lightweight Headband
HEINE ML4 HeadLight Kit LED - Wall mounted EN50 UNPLUGGED charger + 2 x mPack UNPLUGGED
HEINE ML4 HeadLight Kit LED - mPack UNPLUGGED + Plug-in transformer UNPLUGGED
HR 2.5x Set A with i-View loupe mount
Heine ML4 LED HeadLight, with mPack and plug-in transformer
Heine ML4 LED HeadLight, with plug-in transformer
LumiView™ Portable Binocular Microscope

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